Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Game Engine Examples

a) RealmForge
It's a free Open Source Game Engine for Microsoft .NET Framework and specialized on Visual3D Game Engine, It was a cross platform game engine for .NET 2.0 and Microsoft XNA.
RealmForge Built on AXIOM 3D rendering engine, Written in C++ language. Built for .NET-based games.

b) Truevision3D
Its a 3D game engine which built using Visual Basic 6 and C++ using Microsoft DirectX API. Since version 6.5, this engine are using directX 9 and shader support, also rewritten using C++. Until latest expansion there are no word to develop it to support DirectX 9 and Microsoft XNA.

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) its a game engine which support 3D Graphic. it was a flexible game engine for doing 3D rendering, Written in C++ language to make it easier for creating game with 3D Graphics Support.

Increase Your Gaming Performance

It's important to maintain our computer in order to increase the stability,speed and better response. Sometimes when we play a games its often to lagging, freeze, and even sometimes Blue Screen happen (Most of these cases caused by incorrect registry after uninstalling a program).

Here some tips from me:
1. Defragment your hard drive (especially drive C:\ or where the OS is Installed).
2. Remove/Delete some unecessary files.
3. CleanUp your registry, (a software required for this try this ccleaner cuz doing it manually quite confusing)

Thats the tips. The way I usually use though. :p

Some Elements in Game Engine [Part 3-END]

e) Renderer / Engine Core

In game engine, engine core / renderer consist of have some sub categories which is: Visibility, Collision detector, and Response, Camera, Static Geometry, Dynamic Geometry, Particle Systems, Billboarding, Meshes, Skybox, Lighting, Fogging, Vertex Shading, and Output.

f) Game Interface

The game interface itself is a layers between game engine and the game itself. The Game Interface function is as a control with purpose to give an interface when inside the game engine's have a functions with dynamic characteristic, so t could make game development much easier.

g) The Game

The Game is the core of the use of the game engine itself, so its up to us to develop The Game.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Elements in Game Engine [Part 2]

C) Console
With adding a Console, we can change the game's setting and the game engine's setting while inside the game without having a restarted it first. The Console itself are frequently used in debugging process. When the game engines experiencing error we just need to need to output the mentioned error message into the console without having a restart. The Console itself can be turned on & off freely.

D) Support
Support is a part most frequently used by systems in the game egine. The Support itself consist of mathematics formulas which commonly used, vector, matrix, memory manager, file loader. It was constitute from game engine and lamost being used in al game engine projects.

Increase Gaming Performance for Windows Vista

You know Windows Vista is an OS which require a major memory process. For Example there are some game in WinXP that only require a minimum 512MB memory to play, but to play in WinVista it's require much larger memory from 512MB in Xp it's require 1GB in Vista (WOW that's Quite a lot!). And here its one of many ways to increase the gaming performance.

First Click Start -> Run -> type "service.msc" (without quote") -> Then look for "Indexing Service" then Turn it off. But Remember to turn it on after playing the game.

Note: This trick also works on XP.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Seven" References in Halo Universe [Part 1]

Are you a real fans of Halo Series? If so then you must be realize that all this time there are one element feature which are only appear in every Halo Games. What feature is it? The answer are simple, simply is number 7.

The Bungie Studios as the developer also the owner of the Halo franchise turn out to be really like (or more precisely Obsessed) enclose number 7 or numbers that connected with 7 inside the game with many ways. And similar cases already infect the Ensemble Studios which also working on Halo Wars and some Halo Novels. But some appearing phenomenons are difficult to be explained. Michael Wu as the artist, animator, and also designer for Bungie Studios Said "cause that's the best number. It's like rock. Nothing beats rock or 7. Anything the reasons is, the emergence of this tradition is what makes some hunt among the gamers to find number 7 references in each Halo Games.

And Here is the Proof!

Halo: Combat Evolved
+ The Human race have 7 types of handheld weapons, including Frag Grenade.

+ In the Campaign level 4th which is The Silent Cartographer, the gamers can find 7 Overshields. Beside of that in the Bravo 022 airship crash site, gamers can find your first Rocket Launcher along with 7 Rocket Launcher ammo.

+ Needed 7 "needles" from Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (a.k.a Needler), Covenant race's weapon, to create an explosion.

+ At The Maw level which is the last level of the game, when an AI named 343 Guilty Spark stopped the occuring explosion at the Engine Core, the time printed at the timer is 12:31 (1+2+3+1=7).

+ At the fifth level Which is Assault on the Control, gamer can see 7 pillar of light at the last cutscene.

+ When inside the UNSC airship the "Pillar of Autumn", gamer can find the last Longsword airship in the launch bay 7

+ Needed 7 gun shots to bring an Elite down in difficulty setting Normal.

Some Elements in Game Engine [Part 1]

a) Tools/Data
In Game Development, the required data it's not easy as write a text files.
In Game Development, at least required some tools such as 3d model editor, level editor, and graphics programs. Even if needed, sometimes we need to develop the game engine itself with adding some codes and required feature.

b) System
A System itself is a part of the game engine which have a function for communicate with the hardware inside the machine. If the game engine already well-made then this system is the only part that required to made a huge change if it's implemented with different platforms. Inside the system itself contained some sub-systems which is graphics, input, sound, timer, configuration. the system itself responsible for doing an initialization, updates, and turning of the sub-systems inside of it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Game Engine

Game Engine is a software that designed for create and develop a Video game. The main function of the game engine are including rendering 2D or 3D Graphics, collision detection,sound, scripting, animation, A.I. (artificial Intelligence), networking, memory management, threading and scene graph. The Game engines give software for visual development plus with software components that can be used many times. Usually this tools give an integrated development environment which can make game development much easier, also accelerate it.

Game engine usually also called as “Game Middleware”. Game Middleware is a software that already included an elements that are used by a game developer, most of the games from game middleware give a facility for increase game development with ease, such as graphics, sound and Artificial Intelligence.