Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Short Review (a really short one)

Currently Playing:
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning (simply just AWASOME RPG)
Left 4 Dead 2 (best played with ur friends)
Split Second (this game is can be really frustating, on detonator especially.)
CoD Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3 (just finished the first one, really cool fps game ever!!!!)
Blades of Time (umm... just game to kill sometime, this game is quiet boring)

for now...
Thats all folk!


just playing Kingdom of Amalur today and try experimenting with gems...
what surprise me is, the tormentor's & conqueror's gem really do the trick.
(the damage just AWASOME).

ice + poison
fire + poison


Waow.... a first post after two years.... can't believe this blog still exist haha... (a really short post that is :D)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Seven" References in Halo Universe [Part 2]

Halo 2

- At the banshee's wing which is covenant's battle ship, there a symbol which it's formed with 7 red blocks.

- In Halo 2 Game gamer could find 7 units that owned by the covenant there are Grunt, Jackal, Drone, Hunter, Brute, Elite also, Prophet.

- Don't know how is it coincidence or intentional, in this game's the Covenant also have 7 vehicles, and that are Wraith, Ghost, Spectre, Scarab, Banshee, Phantom, and Shadow.

- The gamer will play as Master Chief in 7 levels that are Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis, Delta Halo, Regret, Gravemind, also High Charity.

- To get the halo's easter-egg, the IWYHBYD Skull, gamer must face 7 Ultra Elite troops, where is the 7th troops of 7 Elite Units.

- Miranda Keyes's have a number 7-like scratch at her cheek, and its clearly visible.

- In one map for multiplayer mode which is terminal, there are number 7 a station building areas.

- When UNSC airships called 'In Amber Clad' participate in First Battle of Earth, some units from 17th and 77th Marine Regiment are inside of it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Game Engine Examples

a) RealmForge
It's a free Open Source Game Engine for Microsoft .NET Framework and specialized on Visual3D Game Engine, It was a cross platform game engine for .NET 2.0 and Microsoft XNA.
RealmForge Built on AXIOM 3D rendering engine, Written in C++ language. Built for .NET-based games.

b) Truevision3D
Its a 3D game engine which built using Visual Basic 6 and C++ using Microsoft DirectX API. Since version 6.5, this engine are using directX 9 and shader support, also rewritten using C++. Until latest expansion there are no word to develop it to support DirectX 9 and Microsoft XNA.

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) its a game engine which support 3D Graphic. it was a flexible game engine for doing 3D rendering, Written in C++ language to make it easier for creating game with 3D Graphics Support.

Increase Your Gaming Performance

It's important to maintain our computer in order to increase the stability,speed and better response. Sometimes when we play a games its often to lagging, freeze, and even sometimes Blue Screen happen (Most of these cases caused by incorrect registry after uninstalling a program).

Here some tips from me:
1. Defragment your hard drive (especially drive C:\ or where the OS is Installed).
2. Remove/Delete some unecessary files.
3. CleanUp your registry, (a software required for this try this ccleaner cuz doing it manually quite confusing)

Thats the tips. The way I usually use though. :p

Some Elements in Game Engine [Part 3-END]

e) Renderer / Engine Core

In game engine, engine core / renderer consist of have some sub categories which is: Visibility, Collision detector, and Response, Camera, Static Geometry, Dynamic Geometry, Particle Systems, Billboarding, Meshes, Skybox, Lighting, Fogging, Vertex Shading, and Output.

f) Game Interface

The game interface itself is a layers between game engine and the game itself. The Game Interface function is as a control with purpose to give an interface when inside the game engine's have a functions with dynamic characteristic, so t could make game development much easier.

g) The Game

The Game is the core of the use of the game engine itself, so its up to us to develop The Game.