Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Seven" References in Halo Universe [Part 2]

Halo 2

- At the banshee's wing which is covenant's battle ship, there a symbol which it's formed with 7 red blocks.

- In Halo 2 Game gamer could find 7 units that owned by the covenant there are Grunt, Jackal, Drone, Hunter, Brute, Elite also, Prophet.

- Don't know how is it coincidence or intentional, in this game's the Covenant also have 7 vehicles, and that are Wraith, Ghost, Spectre, Scarab, Banshee, Phantom, and Shadow.

- The gamer will play as Master Chief in 7 levels that are Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis, Delta Halo, Regret, Gravemind, also High Charity.

- To get the halo's easter-egg, the IWYHBYD Skull, gamer must face 7 Ultra Elite troops, where is the 7th troops of 7 Elite Units.

- Miranda Keyes's have a number 7-like scratch at her cheek, and its clearly visible.

- In one map for multiplayer mode which is terminal, there are number 7 a station building areas.

- When UNSC airships called 'In Amber Clad' participate in First Battle of Earth, some units from 17th and 77th Marine Regiment are inside of it.

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